Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Giving certain products for free may seem unusual. Why would someone give free items?

These are legitimate questions that may arise in your mind as you hear about our campaign.

But here…

We are sure that you will love the products and will use them frequently.

People will ask you where you got them ... from FlexNeat

This will create word of mouth advertising, which is more powerful than traditional advertising.

When this campaign is completed, the products will return to their usual price. Therefore, the people you refer to will have to buy them (unless they are fast enough to order the product in question, as long as it is distributed free of charge)

Do you understand the meaning now?


Then, the quality of the products?

For this campaign to work, we need you to use the products so that people around you ask where you request them.

Think about it ...

If they were not great, you would not use them and you would not recommend us.

This would be a great waste of money for us. Why would we want to lose money?


I'm afraid to buy online, is it safe?

It is 100% safe.

In fact, we do not even have access to your payment details.

All payments are processed by a payment processor authorized by a third party.

They use the latest encryption protocols and security measures that only the best scientists understand.

You can not be more sure than that.


Are there hidden fees?

No ... What you see is what you pay for.

We are completely transparent with our costs. We cover the costs of the product, but should always cover the shipping costs.

Shipping and handling costs vary depending on your location, but are generally 9.95 EUR per product.


So, are you ready for your free articles?