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 Shimmer Glitter Eye Shadow Powder Palette Matte Eyeshadow Cosmetic Makeup


  • 6 Color Eyeshadow

  • Portable and convenient to use.

  • Perfect for both professional Salon or personal use.

  • High quality ingredients with silky shine color, can last for all day long.


  • Brand: bingfuchun

  • Package Weight: 42g

  • Size: 10*7.5*1.4cm

  • Net weight:  6*2g


  • After testing, we found there are still around 3-5% of powder-based cosmetic such as eye shadow will be damaged during the long way of international shipment, no matter how carefully we packed them. Except contact us for help or claim your damage, here is a handy tip for reforming the damaged powder-based make-up into new one.

  • Mix the powder with a few drops of medicinal alcohol

  • Flatten the powder compact with a little bit pressure

  • Leave it for one day, and the alcohol will be evaporated completely, then the make-up will be as good as new one.

  • Package Content:

    • 1 X Shimmer Glitter EyeShadow